About Redline Gear oil (来自英国专业赛车俱乐部的说明推荐),哈哈

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75W90 Gear Oil - preferred product in nearly all car and light truck differentials, both conventional and limited slip. Not suitable for synchromesh gearbox use, as the extreme slipperiness can cause gear clash. Exceeds API GL-5.

75W90NS - as 75W90 but friction modified to allow use with both copper and steel synchros. This facet also uprates limited slip differential operation. Exceeds API GL-5.

75W90NS and 70W90 Individually or mixed together can thus be used to fine tune LSDs for weather and track conditions.

80W140 Gear Oil - commercial vehicle use and some racing applications where excess oil 'throw off' may occur. Generally 0.5% less efficient than 75W90. Can also be used in differentials where excessive noise is a problem or chattering limited slip units. Not suitable for use in synchromesh gearboxes due to the extreme slipperiness. Exceeds API GL-5

SuperLight Gear Oil A 70W/75W GL-5 gear oil with the viscosity lower than an ATF. Ideal for dog boxes and differentials with lower power throughputs or maximum power / short duration: qualifying / hillclimb / sprint / drag.

LightWeight Gear Oil Lola F3000 gearbox oil - a 75W/80W GL-5 gear oil for dog boxes and differentials which require 80W GL-5 oils. Excellent replacement for 75W90 oils in competition.

MTL Manual Transmission/Transaxle Lubricant. A 75W80W GL-4 gear oil designed for manual transmissions which require 75W, 80W, motor oil or ATFs. Low temperature shiftability equal to an ATF, but will not thin out or shear at high temperatures. Ideal for use with copper containing synchronisers. Meets GL-4 recommendations.

MT 90 Manual Transmission/Transaxle Lubricant. A 75W90 GL-4 gear oil for manual transmissions with copper containing synchronisers. Same **stry as MTL but a 75w90 weight oil meeting GL-4 recommendations.

SuperLight ShockProof An EP90 gear oil with the viscosity rating lower than ATF. The lubricant contains a suspension of solid microscopic particles as an extreme pressure agent. Magnificent wear and film strength. Ideal for motorcycle and kart use.

Lightweight ShockProof An EP140 gear oil with the internal friction of a typical ATF. **stry similar to SuperLight ShockProof

Heavy ShockProof An EP250 gear oil with the viscosity rating of an SAE 40 weight engine oil. **stry similar to SuperLight ShockProof SADEV recommended oil.

High Temperature D4 ATF D4 ATF Synthetic ATF for very latest Dexron" or Mercon" recommended boxes. Optimal temperature is 40oC higher than mineral equivalent for better torque converter efficiency. Wear protection of a GL-4 oil. Perfect for heavily loaded vehicles with both automatic gearboxes and manual transaxles. High temperature operation without varnishing valves and clutches.

Racing ATF Synthetic ATF for automatic and manual transmissions which need a TYPE-F ATF. This product contains no slipperiness additives, producing faster shifts and quicker lock-up. Enhanced extreme pressure protection provides five times the film strength of petroleum based ATFs.

LSD Friction Modifier & Break In Additive

A slipperiness additive to modify the performance of friction LSDs and aid differential break-in. May be used with other gear oils.
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